Creating This Month To Be The Best It Can Be

I haven’t been posting my weekly posts in preparation for what I really want this journey to focus on. I just needed to take a little space to see clearly. I was really enjoying my weekly projects I put myself up to and it inspired me with new thoughts and new growth. The project I began after my last post about Clearing Out The Clutter in my living space was to take a morning walk when I get up every day. This expanded into more than a week and for about the last month, I have been doing that every morning because it has been very beneficial to me. It has been giving me a clarity to start the day off on the right note. It gives me space to think about how I want my day to be and what I want to get out of it. 

A lot of life has happened in this last month and it has given me a new focus for this June that I will now write about. 

What is it you ask? Well, this month I will be focusing on dating myself. 🙂 Every day, every moment I will be here for me. Cheesy, yes? Well, that’s me! I’m the biggest cheese ball you will ever meet. But I do what works for me. And it makes sense with everything that has happened in my life up to this point. I’ve realized I really love taking care of people and being there for others unconditionally and loving them with all of me. And then I get to a point where I think- what do I have left for me? But what if I focus all that on myself for the first time in my life? I deserve some unconditional lovin’ too! It’s finally time for that kind of healing to begin. I need it so I don’t give all of myself away and find myself lost and confused. 

This past week, I have been in preparation for a June that is going to rock. I did a three day juice cleanse and now I am going to get my body in shape and feel strong and healthy and really love this body I’m in. The cleanse felt great! I combined it with not wearing making for those three days plus the day before and the day after- even to my work place and out with friends. A few years ago, this wouldn’t be heard of – I was so self-concious. I’m quite a bit more confident now but it still feels a little vulnerable to not have that shield but I really enjoyed it. I took a picture every day to log it so I can remember how it felt. (The first picture was right before a crazy intense fitness day in prep for the juicing and I was feeling a bit fiesty!) And it’s all inspired me to not wear makeup more often! Who cares!!! No one gives a crap!!! And the juice cleanse- I think I’m going to add mini cleanses in my June adventure somehow. TBD.



Proof I went makeup free and I’m on my way to getting more confident each day! And the pictures with the earphones? I am most definitely listening to Bridges Of Madison County. Soundtrack to my life these days. Get on it! 

I will check in weekly and share my daily dates with myself! Now, I’m off to buy myself some flowers. 😉 I’m so not kidding. Happy June!



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