Best June Ever – Week One

As I have announced in my last post, this past week was the start to my month of dating myself. The verdict? I have realized I am pretty spectacular! 😉 SO KIDDING! Yuck! No, it has been a really great week. I’ve been taking extra care of myself, really focusing on doing things to make my days full and happy and making myself a priority. It made me realize that if I keep taking the time to do this, I can really see myself getting better and getting the healthy things I want in my life. I can picture myself having the life that I want, the relationship that I want, the career that I want, the body I want and the community that I want. All in due time, of course. I just have to keep going, keep working hard and taking this precious time that I have for me to be the best self I can be. I am on a mission!

I kept track of the things that I did that made me happy this week so I wouldn’t forget what it all felt like.


On the first day I bought myself some flowers to start it off right! I’d like to add this into my life more often!


Had a mid-afternoon gluten free beer and Kale/Chickpea/Pumpkin Seed salad on my balcony in the gorgeous sun!


I took an amazing workout dance class with a lovely gal named Erin West and then I went on an evening walk and I happened upon these amazing healthy food stands. Had fresh Coffee Cherry Kombucha ON TAP, and two rice paper wraps with fresh veggies and amazing sauces. I sat on a bench and I ate and just took in the amazing evening.


On my way home after my Day One of this making June the best June it can be adventure. Feelin’ good!

I won’t chart out my every step with pictures like I did that first day, but below are some favorite times I had with myself last week.


I took myself to my favorite Bare Burger and sat at the bar and had sweet potato french fries and a Gluten Free Ginger Beer before work. Shhhh!


Put on some good music and got cooking! Sauteed some zucchini and blanched broccoli and cauliflower so I can have some snacks in the fridge. Trying to be disciplined. 🙂


I stopped by Duane Reade and found tons of crafty goods on sale. I’ll save the outcome of this little art project for next week! I’m still working on it. Just trying to do everything I can to keep motivated.

Onto Week Number Two. I’ve already got a couple dates with myself in my calendar. I’m so looking forward to them!




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