Best June Ever – Week Three

Last week was Week Three of “dating myself” and striving to get better and challenge my health of body, mind and spirit.  It’s hard to keep the best attitude when you are lying in bed sick for 5 days, but I did my best to make it what I could. I guess it was more of a week to reflect on what I’m left with when it’s just me at home with my thoughts and nothing else. No work, no creativity- just pure rest. That’s tough for me! Sometimes I like to do it all and go go go but it’s definitely telling that my body shut down when it did…oof. Balance. I need to remember that. That’s what I seek. My body tells me to slow down a lot and I have to learn to listen and not be so extreme. So, I’m trying to be thankful for that forced time of rest. I had a lot of time to think and it was good for me. And now I shall write about it all. 😉

There was a conversation I had in this past week that has been replaying in my head. We were talking about working hard in everything you do and finding joy in everything you do. As my gym Mark Fisher Fitness says, “How you do anything, is how you do everything,” which I’ve definitely tried to adapt as my personal mantra. He was saying he heard this story about a woman who worked her way to the top of her corporate job and now was one of the most highest paid women. And when she was asked how she got where she was, her response was that she had purely enjoyed EVERY SINGLE JOB she had worked. Whether it was McDonalds or her next job at Burger King, or whatever job came next as she worked her way up from the bottom. She learned everything she could from each of those jobs- took what was valuable, truly enjoyed learning from others, didn’t settle and moved on to the next challenge of a job. That work ethic and joy for life is inspiring. It hit something in me that rings true with what I’m trying to aspire to in life right now. In the way that I want to be the same person I am in my theater career as I am at my restaurant job, as I am with my friends and loved ones, and as I am with trying to achieve the best health in body, mind and spirit. I seek to approach everything with a joy and open-mind of learning and getting better in whatever it is I’m doing. It’s a challenge but it’s a good challenge. I believe everything is connected and when you can get all these things in alignment, I think that it’s a better chance to feel more content with life.

So, this is my little plea to put out into the world as I approach the last week of my Best June Ever.

I seek to have a hard-working spirit in whatever it is that I do so that I can learn and get better every day. I want to treat my survival jobs with the passion I have for the theater, reminding myself that the money I make supports my passion and supports my dream, so I should treat it with the same kind of love and enjoyment. And I also want that passion and love to start with me. Putting myself first and treating myself with the same love and care that I have for others. I work to challenge myself and not be afraid to push past what I fear in order to get where I want to be- in any area of life. Career, love, relationships, family, spirituality, fitness and health. This is what I seek.

Now, back to business! Even though I was too sick to take myself out for dates last week- I managed to do what I could to make myself happy. I bought flowers, I made a veggie soup out of the bone marrow broth my sister made me, I painted my nails, took walks in the sun when I could, made a huge chicken sausage/saurkraut sandwich on my last day of refined carbs 🙂 and made tons of Green Superfood Smoothies. Below is the proof.

Best June Ever Week Three 6 Best June Ever Week Three 5 Best June Ever Week Three 4 Best June Ever Week Three 3 Best June Ever Week Three 1=2 Best June Ever Week Three 1


One more week left of June! I’m going to give it all I got! I already have a date with myself planned for Thursday night. More to come. Onward I go!



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